Bass Guitar

Victor is available for Electric Bass recording session work and fill-in gigs in the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania region and beyond.

Who is Victor?

Victor is a world­-traveled bassist, whose travels as a kid have greatly influenced his love of diversity and rhythms in music. Raised in a family that surrounded themselves with music, Victor studied piano and clarinet from a young age while living in Malawi Africa and Guam USA. After teaching himself acoustic guitar in 8th grade, Victor quickly realized bass was the instrument for him. He convinced his parents to buy him his first bass. Since then, he has continued to study music and the bass—playing in church groups, studios, cafes and bars with bands all across the USA from Guam to Washington, Idaho to New York and currently New Jersey. Victor approaches bass from a very melodic and rhythmic perspective incorporating diverse styles of music and drawing from his overseas experiences. He is most happy when his bass lines get people to dance and move! Believing that groove and rhythm, or “the pocket” is the foundation of the music that carries everything else, he always strives to serve the song and be cognizant of the balance between personal and collective expression. That philosophy is also a major factor in his choice to focus on the 6 ­string bass about 18 years ago. “I love the versatility of my 6­string bass and the range of sounds I can employ”, explains Victor. “I can go from two­handed tapping to slap to walking rockabilly lines to funky staccato grooves to melodic solos all on the same instrument”, he adds.

Victor currently plays:

•Ibanez Soundgear SR1206 6­string with Seymour Duncan pickups and a

Seymour Duncan 3­band active preamp with round wound strings

•Warwick Corvette 4­string Fretless with flat wound strings

•Washburn 4­string fretted bass with round wound strings


•Suitcase combo amp and extension cab by Phil Jones Bass

•Lowdown combo amps by Line 6


•Ditto x2 Looper (TC Electronic)

•SansAmp Programmable Bass Driver DI (Tech21 NYC)

Victor’s other projects:

Current projects:
Coastal Dynamic­ Solo/Collaborative Groove, Funk, World, Chill

The Beaters~ 50’s­60’s Rock ’n’ Roll & The Beatles, NY Metro (NJ NY CT PA)

Previous projects:

Broadway Underground~ Original Broadway tunes, New York NY

Liquid Prism~ Originals & Covers ­Boise ID

Freeway~ Christian Originals, Walla Walla WA

Plaid Lassie~ Originals, Walla Walla WA